The Team

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Garry Tyson Miller Jr

( The Founder )

Is the owner of Tyson Jr Construction INC., formerly known as Baby Tyson Construction, INC. He originally established the company in 2018.

While currently trying out for the XFL Football League, he is still able to put his company as his first priority. He has been blessed with an amazing team who have been a huge part of his rapid growth. His team has a combined 50+ years of experience in construction and remodeling.

Garry Tyson Miller Jr’s short period of time at Santa Monica College & UCLA, majoring in engineer science, along with having 6 years of experience in the construction field, has given him the tools to start his own company and begin his own formula. He is known for providing incredible customer service and is known for his incredible work ethic. Being an athlete his entire life, has helped developed his tremendous amount perseverance, resiliency, and mental discipline to become a successful business owner. He is also well-known for his extreme kindness, respectfulness, charismatic personality, and his willingness to always go above and beyond to help others.

Pauly Gray

( Vice President & Construction Manager )

His specialties are flooring, framing, carpentry, and drywall work.

Jose Sanchez

( Handyman )

He specializes in Demolition, Flooring, Painting, and masonry work

Nadia Marie

( Interior Designer )

She plans, researches and coordinates all Tyson Construction designs.

Saira Gudino

( Superintendent )

She manages all jobs, clients, and materials.

Hugo Carranza

( Lead Contractor )

Mishelle Ramos

( Team Leader )


( General Laborer )

Karen Araujo

( Project Manager )

She estimates the cost of projects before it begins. She examines the blueprints, material and labor costs and sends out the estimates directly to the clients.